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I need time for my studies so I will take a one-year break. Sorry for not answering e-mails and see you soon! I hope I will be back to trading in September.

About foreverdrowning and PPTT

The Cure archives have moved to and you can access the PPTT tracker here. Please note that I'm no longer a member of the managing team.

I'm back!

I've been away from trading during the past 7 months because of serious computer problems. I apologize for not having been answering trade requests during this spell. I also apologize to Markus, who had to wait a long time for his package. It's really not my habbit to mislead traders. I'm now available again during the dates mentioned below.

2005/2006 Trading Calendar (PLEASE READ)

Since I'm a student, I have very little time to trade and I'm forced to set up this trading calendar for the upcoming schoolyear.

I can only accept trades when I'm on holiday. You can send me an e-mail for a new trade, so that we can set something up, up to one week before the first day of the holidays. To make it clear, I've put the dates below:

Holidays Dates
Autumn - Oct. 23 to Nov. 2
Christmas - Dec. 18 to Jan. 2
Winter - Feb. 12 to Feb. 26
Spring - Apr. 16 to May 04
Summer - July 4 to Sept. 4

You can also download a colour calendar.

Red period: I can neither trade nor answer to e-mails.
Blue period: You can write me an-email to set up a new trade and I'll answer as soon as I can.
Green period: I can answer all e-mails and trade.


Trading live music is not intended to do a disservice to the artists or to the music companies in any way. So please be sure to purchase all the officially-released material of your favourite band before trading off live recordings. Do not copy officially available CDs and DVDs. Collect live recordings for fun only. Of course, nothing on this site is for sale.


I'm currently updating my trading list. You can still view the old one here The Cure and Depeche Mode lists are now up to date on this site. Only browse the old one if you are interested in trading other artists.


a new way to find new traders!

I think all the Cure traders around there will be interested in a new oportunity which the webmaster of foreverdrowning has just introduced.
If you become a registered member of the site (you just have to send an e-mail to the webmaster), you'll be able to build your own trading (audio and video) list, just adding in a form records that are already in the database. You can add infos about the version you own, generation or various comments about the record or the show. It allows you to have an updated trading list very quickly on-line, with a worldwide audience. here is an example with my own list I have just started to add to the site (still incomplete, of course): my list. Besides, on each page dedicated to a particular recording you own, a link redirects to your complete list.

If you are interested in listing your trade list on foreverdrowning, feel free to e-mail the webmaster: so that he can open you an account.

plastic passion torrent tracker

If you want to share your Cure unofficial CDs and DVDs in lossless format, you can now use the Plastic Passion Torrent Tracker. You have to use Bittorent to download or upload shows there. If you're not familiar with it and want to get started, e-mail me. Please note that only shows in shn, flac, DVD or VCD formats are allowed. No mp3 please! Any show which does not respect the rules of the tracker will be immediately banned. And please leave your windows opened once you finished the download to share with others. Thanks. Comments are to be posted on the internal forum.